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Bedbugs are 5 to 7 mm long, white, and hatch before they begin feeding. Once they have fed they turn to brown color. If you notice any type of bugs within the creases of your mattress, contact Best Pest Control immediately as bedbugs can live up to 1.5 years in warm climates.

As you may know, bedbugs can be extremely hard to get rid of and can cause a lot of irritation to your skin. Best Pest Control has mastered the method of removing bedbugs from commercial and residential properties. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

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Don't let disgusting bedbugs rule your life. Call Best Pest Control today for your FREE bedbug removal estimate.

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Since bedbugs are extremely small and hard to see, Best Pest Control pays very close attention to detail to ensure all bedbugs are removed from your property.

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Once you have had Best Pest Control effectively remove the bedbugs from your property, you can enjoy their 60-day bedbug removal guarantee.

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